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  • A Simple Online Job that You can Do at Home and Make Extra Money
    Other Money Making Ideas

    A Simple Online Job that You can Do at Home and Make Extra Money

    Finding a real online job isn’t easy. There are plenty of Internet job offers but the majority of them aren’t actually real online jobs. Many of them simply charge you a one-time fee to get started but once you have paid, you’ll find that you aren’t actually getting any online job. They just send you some useless information and instructions that waste your time and effort if you follow them.

    So, is there any real online job that anyone can apply and start working?

    Well, the good news is yes, there are some real online jobs that pay. Cha Cha guide is one of the good examples of real online job.

    Cha Cha has been around for quite a long time. It is a question and answer site thatsimilar to Yahoo! Answer but people who answer questions in Cha Cha are getting paid. People who answer questions are known as Cha Cha guide. Every day, Cha Cha guide will received loads of questions that they can choose to accept and answer them. They will make money for each question that they answer correctly.

    Anyone who is US resident and 18 year old or above can apply to become a Cha Cha guide. When you apply to become a Cha Cha guide, you’ll need to go through some videos first and then you will be asked to take a stimulation test. The test is a set of sample questions from users where you need to answers all of them. You can find the answers from Google to complete all the questions. The purpose of the test is to measure your ability of answering timed questions, the speed of providing answers, accuracy and spelling and grammar.

    If you pass the test, Cha Cha will reply you informing that you are accepted as a Cha Cha guide. As a Cha Cha guide, you will be responsible to answers users’ questions. There will be a lot of questions send to you daily. So make sure you turn your computer on for long hours every day. Each question that you answer will earn you anywhere from $0.02 to $0.20. There are also contests you can enter to earn bonuses that will add up your earning.

    To make some nice extra cash from Cha Cha, you need to be able to answer questions in face pace. It is certainly possible to answer questions quickly in Cha Cha since most answers can be easily found from Google and other search engines. The faster you answer the questions, the quicker your earning will add up. Many Cha Cha guides have reported that they are able to answer hundreds of questions every hour and make between $2 and $4 per hour. No bad to those who want an extra income source huh!

    Obviously, there is no special skill required for this job. But it does require works to make money in Cha Cha. If you can spend few hours daily answering questions in Cha Cha and also take advantages of the contests, then you could potentially make few hundred dollars a month.

    Cha Cha is offering legitimate online job opportunity and you don’t need to pay anything to join Cha Cha. Just pass the test and you can start working in Cha Cha and get paid.

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  • 10 Online Money Making Ideas for The Beginners
    Other Money Making Ideas

    10 Online Money Making Ideas for The Beginners

    Yes, you can surely make some money from the comforts of your home and for the purpose; you only need to have a computer and a working internet connection. If you have both of these things then, consider any of the below mentioned ways of making money online and start generating some income from the comforts of your home.

    Internet Marketing

    First and the most commonly practiced method of making money online these days is internet marketing. However, internet marketing is a broad term and there are lots and lots of factors associated with internet marketing. But to precise about internet marketing, you can easily generate handsome amount of income by just marketing the products over the internet. For instance, if you own any type of store or you are producing any product, then you can consider marketing the product over the internet for the purpose of making money and generating some additional income.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing can be considered as a branch of overall internet marketing. These days, it is of the easiest way of making money online. For the purpose of making money by doing affiliate marketing, all you need to do is to sign up with a reputable affiliate marketing network and start rendering services to them as an affiliate. While working as an affiliate, all you would be required to is to promote different products of your affiliate network and once if you generate any kind of sale, you would be given a certain percentage of commission over every sale made from your promotional efforts by your affiliate network.

    10 Online Money Making Ideas for The Beginners

    Article Writing

    Now this is something which doesn’t require any knowledge, information or skill. In order to make money online by doing article writing, all you need to do is to produce quality articles and sell them to individuals who are in search of them. To promote yourself as an article writer, you can divert your attention towards different forums to advertise your services for free.


    In order to make money online while blogging, all you need to do is to share your interest, experience and knowledge with the people over the internet. While sharing information or ideas via blogging, you must also promote some sort of a service or a product in order to make money while blogging.

    Web Designing

    You can also become a web designer if you want to make money online. However, for this you need learn the art of web designing. For the purpose, you can enroll yourself in some sort of a web designing classes or courses. However, once you would be aware of the tips and techniques involved in professional web designing, you would be all set to spin some money online by rendering your services as a web designer.

    Blog Management

    Blog management is a kind of a job outsourced by the people who run different blogs. You can easily find many blog owners looking for the individuals who can manage and maintain their blogs. All you would be required to do is to post some content over the blog, make comments, respond to comments and queries of the visitors and etc. You can easily find such kind of jobs by visiting some reputable online or web marketing forums.

    Virtual Assistant

    You can also work as a virtual assistant for a reputable organization or company for the purpose of making money online. There are many organizations or I should say almost every reputable organization offers their services over online platform these days. So, as they offer services online, they need human resource and in order to fulfill the need of human resources, they hire different individuals for the purpose of performing different duties and tasks.

    Email Marketing

    You can also work as an email marketer for the purpose of making money online. In order to work as an email marketer, you have your choice available, either you can work for your own or you can render your services to different organizations or companies as well. In order to work as an email marketer, all you need to do is to promote different deals, offers, packages, products and services to people by sending them attractive emails.

    Video Marketing

    This way of making money online is very much in hype these days. You can work as an affiliate and start promoting different products or services by sharing some exciting yet relevant videos with your target market. With the advent of websites such as Youtube, video marketing has become an easier task to perform and to make money online as well.


    Last but not the least; you can also make money online by working as freelancer. While working as a freelancer, you can easily render services of content writing, content management, web designing, programming, graphic designing and many more.

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    A Simple Online Job that You can Do at Home and Make Extra Money

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  • Make Money Online by Watching Web Videos
    Other Money Making Ideas

    Make Money Online by Watching Web Videos

    This may sound too good to be true. But yes you can make money from just watching web video. You wouldn’t be making a lot but at least you will get some extra bucks while enjoying watching videos.

    Through a program called Beezag, you can get paid for watching web videos. Beezag is a pretty simple program that pays people to watch short commercials and movie trailers. If you already have an account with Facebook, you can use your Facebook ID to login into Beezag, fill out your profile and start watching short videos for cash. If you don’t want to use your Facebook ID, you may create a quick account with Beezag and get access into the program.

    When watching Beezag video, there will be two numbers popping up on the screen that you must remember. When the video ends, you will be asked to enter the two numbers. If you give the right numbers, you will be awarded points. But if you enter the wrong numbers, then you will have to watch the short video again and enter the right numbers when the video ends.

    You are getting points instead of cash for each video that you have watched. When you have accumulated 8,000 points, you can redeem for cash paid via PayPal. 1,000 points equal to $1.00. So 8,000 points can redeem for $8 PayPal cash.

    How many videos can you watch daily?

    You can do 5 to 10 videos daily or may be more than that. Each video can earn you between 20 to 90 points. So, if you are actively watching videos in Beezag, you can quickly reach the minimum $8 payout and request for PayPal payment.

    Beezag has a referral program too

    You can refer anyone to join Beezag and watch videos for cash. You’ll get 10% of what your referrals earn in Beezag. If you want to make more from Beezag, it is a good idea to try their referral program. It is easy to get people to join Beezag since it offers an interesting way to make money online.

    Is Beezag really paying?

    Beezag has been in business since year 2009. It was belonging to AdGenesis network. The advertisers and companies were paying AdGenesis to help promote their brand via videos and Beezag will be responsible to find the online users who will watch the commercials of the advertisers. To encourage more viewers to watch commercials constantly, Beezag offers cash reward to the viewers. If you watch Beezag short commercials and earn enough points, you will be paid cash. Many people have done it.

    Is Beezag opened worldwide?

    Unfortunately, Beezag is only available to US residents at the moment. This is probably because the videos were targeted to US people only.

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    10 Online Money Making Ideas for The Beginners

  • 5 Steps to Start Making Money Online with Blogging
    Other Money Making Ideas

    5 Steps to Start Making Money Online with Blogging

    Blog is no longer just a personal journal or dairy nowadays. People use blog not just for sharing what they know but also use it for marketing and making money online. If you look at the successful bloggers today, you’ll find that they are so popular in the blogosphere and also at the same time earning a life-changing income from their blog.

    For the individuals wanting to earn money online, blogging is really a great option for them. Many of those people who live off with blogging now are just ordinary people at the time when they just started in blogging. They wrote blog posts and built traffic constantly; and so their blog grew from time to time. Eventually they became a successful blogger.

    It will take several steps to get started in blogging. Below you’ll learn how to get your first blog set up and launched on the Internet to make money:

    Step 1 – Decide What to Write
    Before you create your blog, you need to figure out what topics you should write on your blog. There are plenty of topics you can choose when it comes to blogging but it is suggested that you start off with a single topic that you love. Writing and sharing on something that you’re passionate about are enjoying. And you will have more ideas in your mind when creating content of your favorite topic.

    Also if you are good at something or you are an expert at any field, these can be your blogging topic as well. People always like to learn how to do something. So you can  help them by sharing your knowledge and expertise with them.

    Step 2 – Set Up Your Blog
    Once you have decided the topic to blog on, you can move on to set up your blog. You’ll need to use a blog platform to start a blog. WordPress is a highly recommended blog platform in this case. Many of the successful bloggers use WordPress.

    Installing and launching a new blog using WordPress isn’t very complicated but you do need to learn some technical stuff to get thing done properly. Don’t be too worry about  WordPress blog installation as it is not going to be difficult. There are free step-by-step video tutorials that can help you out in the entire WordPress blog installation process. You can access a series of free WordPress installation videos presented by a reputable blogger in Becomeablogger.com. Everything you need to know is shown in the videos, so you just follow the instructions and get your first blog launched.

    5 Steps to Start Making Money Online with Blogging

    In addition to that, there are now web host companies providing easy WordPress setup solution. Hosts like Godadday, Dreamhost and Bluehost allow you install and set up a WordPress blog with just few clicks of mouse. Here are some tutorials showing you how to start a blog quickly with these hosts:


    It will cost some money to start a new WordPress blog. You need to pay for a custom domain name registration and also web hosting to have your blog up and running on the Internet.

    You can change the theme of your WordPress blog anytime. There are thousands of free WordPress themes available on the Internet. Just type in the search terms like free WordPress themes or free premium WordPress themes, you’ll find a lot of websites that offer wordpress themes free of charge. So you can be certain that you’ll get a right theme for your blog.

    However, if you find WordPress isn’t for you, you can always use other blog platform such as Blogger. Blogger is one of the good alternatives of WordPress. Starting a new blog with Blogger blog platform is easier and faster. Blogger is an ideal option for those who have no time to learn about the technical aspects of blogging.

    Step 3 – Publish Content on Your Blog
    After completing blog installation, your blog will be launched on the Internet. You are going to be excited to see your blog live on the Internet. This is the time to post your content. You should publish at least 5 posts on your blog before you show your blog to the public. This ensures that every new visitor who comes to your blog will find some interesting content to read. Then you should update your blog with fresh content on a regular basis to make your blog become more resourceful from time to time.

    All your blog content must be originally written by you and not copying from elsewhere on the Internet. Each of your posts should be formatted well. Always use bullets when there are important points that you want to emphasis on your blog post. Adding some relevant pictures or photos to your posts is also good because this can make reading more interesting.

    Step 4 – Promote Your Blog
    Blog marketing and promotion are the keys to success in blogging. You are going to need to work in blog marketing and promotion to get as many visitors and readers as possible. There are a variety of blog marketing methods that you can use to generate traffic for your blog. You can start off with methods like blog commenting, listing in free blog directories, guest posting on other blogs, participating in forum discussion and article marketing.

    If you have some money to invest in blog marketing, you can instantly drive quality and targeted traffic to your blog by using pay per click advertising programs such as Google AdWords and Bidvertiser. These pay per click advertising programs are good for the new blogs that need instant targeted traffic.

    5 Steps to Start Making Money Online with Blogging

    Search engine optimization is another method that can provide steady source of targeted traffic. So you should take some time to learn about search engine optimization and work on it to increase your search traffic.

    You should keep on doing blog marketing to maintain and grow the traffic of your blog. Find the marketing methods that work, stick with them and you can ensure your blog traffic grow from time to time.

    Step 5 – Monetize Your Blog Traffic
    When your blog have gained a steady stream of traffic, it is time to monetize the traffic to generate income. You have various choices when it comes to monetizing your blog. You can place Google AdSense ads on your blog pages. Earning with AdSense is easy. You just have to insert the AdSense ad code on your blog pages and subsequently the Adsense ads will run on your blog auto-pilot. Each time your readers or visitors click on an AdSense ad, you get a share of the ad revenue with Google.

    Besides Google AdSense, there are a number of other advertising networks that can help you generate additional blog income as well. Some of the good ones are Yahoo Publisher Network, Bidvertiser and Chitika.

    Selling advertising space on your blog can be a good source of revenue to you as well. You can set up banner and text link ad spaces on your blog header and sidebar for sales. The prospective advertisers who are interested will contact you directly. If the advertiser decides to advertise on your blog, they will pay you to buy an ad space on your blog.

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